Rocket Girls

A pamphlet of my flash fiction from Postbox Press is now available to buy here

The Rocket Girl was all set, yet at final checks she was stalled by Mission Control.

Rocket Girls is Hannah’s debut pamphlet of shorts. In it she explores the lives of a series of women and their fights, both their victories and defeats, to find and to use their voice, their power, and their freedom. The short short stories cover many of the themes around growing up, belonging, motherhood and mental health in short wee glimpses and in side-way glances.

And she has to remain here, his stay-at-home deity. Throwing her screams into neon plastic tumblers. Celebrating victories one removed, whilst they create marks on her like tree rings.


‘The excitement and confusion of growing up is distilled right here; the fitting in, the falling out, the winning, the losing, the longing to belong. Love, loss and love again are revealed in Rocket Girls in blinding glimpses and heart-breaking snippets told in language rich and mesmerising.’ —Catherine Simpson

You can buy Rocket Girls from Postbox Press here