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Party's Over as part of View from 2038 - Lyceum Theatre

  • Royal Lyceum Theatre Royal Lyceum Theatre Grindlay Street Edinburgh Scotland (map)

The View From 2038

With The View from 2038 we commemorate that the Lyceum Youth Theatre has been running for twenty years.

Five short plays were specially commissioned by David Greig for this event and will be performed on the evening by LYT. The plays, written by emerging playwrights, have been created to be performed by young people, and will seek to answer the question of what the world will look like in 2038. After the interval, there will be a unique Talk Show, chaired by David Greig, and discussing the issues raised in the plays.

The View from Portobello
Written by Isla Cowan
Set on Portobello Beach, this play predicts the next twenty years at the seaside and uses a collage of moments to explore the cost of global warming on our coastline, community and economy.

New Edina
Written by Jenny Lindsay
A tour group of university students takes to the top of Calton Hill for a view of New Edina, their shiny, new home for the next four years. But what secrets are hiding in the outskirts; what is hidden beneath the shiny veneer?

Party’s Over!
Written by Hannah Lavery
Party's Over! is inspired by Prince's song 1999 and the political shifts, swings over the last twenty years as well as considering the foundations we are laying for the future.

New Words
Written by Rosanna Hall
"Remember when
The fruit and veg shops were independent.
And a Freddo cost 10p
Remember when coffee meant brown sludge and instant.
Not even Morningside ladies knew their cappuccino from their skinny latte."

If We Don't Grow Old Together We Can Only Grow Apart.
Written by Andrew Thompson

Talk Show

Fresh insight, music and ideas from unexpected places.

We invite artists, authors and thinkers to come and watch a show with us. Hosted by David Greig, they take to the stage to share their response to the themes of the play with our audiences. Expect ideas, insight and stimulation through short talks, song, music, poetry and conversation. The panel features Owen Horsley, Lyceum Youth Theatre and RSC alumnus, now directing in New York City; Nigel Chipps, LGBTYouth Worker & Community Development Officer and Lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University; Amy Lou, playing Fiesty Indie Pop with a wee Scottish Growl; and more – including a member of our own Youth Theatre.

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