Way-Hame Poems

I get the train from Dunbar to Edinburgh and back again at least twice a week. In a bid to keep me sane and to put this time to work. I am challenging myself to write a poem in the 20 minute journey home. I will attempt not to write or edit these outwith the train journey. Be kind then, I am on my way-hame.

November 5th

I am still

not on this.

Twenty minutes in

and not enough time to-

7th November

They’ve got their carry out

for their carry on. Cocktails

in tins, clink. And you all

side-eye. The hushed tut!

That fuckin’ hell sigh.

Who are we-really? Aye.

8th November

I am trying to think about anything else

but I really need a wee. I am wondering

if you got my message to book the taxi. I just

want to be at home. I think you may already

be asleep and I am not sure what is worse, the lack

of toilets on this train or how much I miss you.

How about that for love?

12th November

Nae seats - writing this poem

on my knees - wish i could

have chatted for longer but

i needed to make this train

and now i am on my haunches thinking

of all the things i forgot to say.

We will do it again- next time?

i‘ll miss the train.

(Hear what you forgot to say too.)