belonging project poems-2016

I was able to catch a few of the amazing workshops run by Marjorie Lotfi Gill as part of her inspirational Belonging project in 2016. Almost two years on these are a few of the poems that came out of those workshops.


My kelip kelip, you hibernated

so long, dreaming of dancing again

with fireflies, dreaming above Edinburgh

streets, of warm water running over your henna brown

feet, of geckos dancing the white walls, of the mist

like God’s breath, rolling off the bay.

She Left

me a legacy

of flashbulb moments

all the sea in China

a trip up to the moon

plenty more stars in the sea

half caste four

pac a mac brown

in all those cross hairs

a perfect understanding

two scrambled eggheads

minds full of rust, tongues

wagging the wog.

Inside with you

after Tom Pow

All week I’ve been

inside with you

All week I’ve been

only seen in whispers.

At night, I’ve smashed

into splinters at your door.

All week I‘ve been

inside with you

Curtains drawn, closed in

we’ve lit candles

eaten food brought in

from others’ kitchens

held vigil in our pyjamas

I’ve cried.  

Lemon Sun

My furrowed brow boy, you love your stories

your Greek Gods. Mythology tucked under your pillow.

You say, you dream in ancient Greek

of sleeping in ruins.

You say, you only want a Ford Escort

a mattress, a map to Sparta.

And I think, I would preserve you like a Lemon Sun

put you in as you are, hair like a porcupine, teeth too

big for your mouth. I would put you in vinegar

and syrup. Hold you to the light.  

Mothers are hardy like Wallflowers are.

We grow at the edge of you

covering with ease, in shade

hairline crack, weave in with

grappling hook. Frost-proof. Tender

against brick. Hold tight. Create break.   

Rosa - like apples

I delight in you, as I would in a view

from a window facing South. I turn to you

for the light, rest in you like a house-cat

and I would be powered by only you, if I

could only store you right- like apples.