In the Midst Of My Family

In the Midst Of My Family 
First Published by the Scottish Book Trust 
I want a room of my own. I have plans for a corner of my wee garden. I have a box which I collect things for my longed-for shed. I imagine the peace and the quiet but for now I write in the midst of my family.
I write with my baby girl hanging off my leg, I write with my laptop on the counter as I make tea. I write in my head whilst picking them up from school. I write in snippets, accompanied by the sound of Cbeebies and if I can keep my eyes open after getting them all in bed I write in the quiet of a sleeping house. I gather up the notes from school, the Legos, the coats and bags that have collected like barbed wire, like an obstacle course, like a minefield. I clear them all away from Mummy’s story table in the corner of the kitchen. I ignore the dishes to be cleared away and the mountain of ironing and with eyes closing I try my best, I try to be something other than their mum.
I dream of the room I will have. I collect the trinkets I will have on display. I dream of the time I will have - and yes, I have picked out the strong bolt for the door! But until then, I write in the little moments, in the gaps and spaces between being a mum. I write with my baby hanging off me, with dinner burning, and with my boys drawing on the walls.  

Writing at the kitchen table. 

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